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Meditation Tea - Jar
Meditation Tea - Jar
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Meditation Tea - Jar

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Our Meditation tea is an award-winning herbal tea imbued with the fresh aromatic notes of sacred basil with divine rose overtones.

This naturopathic formulation has traditional benefits and plant compounds which are adaptogenic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which may naturally focus the concentration and enhance cognition, reduce oxidative stress, aid digestion, improve circulation, fortify immunity and revitalise energy.

Enjoy as a daily tonic.


100% Organic Ingredients: Sacred Holy Basil Tulsi Leaf, Basil Leaf, Gotu Kola Leaf, Yerba Mate Leaf, Rose Petals

Naturally contains caffeine.



This meditative tea tonic invites calm wakefulness as well as clarity to higher consciousness and leads to a union of the heart and mind. It helps support mental fatigue and reduces anxiety.


Sacred Holy Basil

Sacred Holy Basil, commonly known as Tulsi, is used in India for achieving mental clarity and meditative states. It is a traditional “cure all” to help with fevers, coughs, headaches, and anxiety. The herb’s properties are antiviral, adaptogenic, immune modulating and antibacterial, specifically working with the digestive, respiratory and nervous systems. Tea containing basil is said to additionally promote oral health.


Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is regarded as one of the most spiritual of all herbs in India and used by yogis to improve meditation. It is said to develop the crown chakra, the energy centre at the top of the head and to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

There are plenty of other health benefits associated with Gotu Kola:

  • Boosts central nervous system
  • Combats high blood pressure
  • Improves circulatory system
  • Repairs skin
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Protects veins and blood vessels


Yerba Mate

The health benefits of yerba mate are enhanced mental clarity, alertness, focus, and concentration, due to the caffeine it contains. The balanced energy boost can be described as gentle, clean, and calm. Besides boosting mental functions of all kind, yerba mate is also a nutritional powerhouse loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

It is traditionally used:

  • as a stimulant and immune system booster
  • as an overall tonic and digestive aid
  • as a general nerve tonic for pain, fatigue, and depression

Together, these ingredients make a wonderful tea for meditation.


  • Use 1-2 tsp per cup with boiling water
  • Let the herbs infuse for 5 minutes
  • Strain and keep the steeped herbs for your compost
  • Enjoy


Store out of direct sunlight below 30°C.
Not intended to diagnose in any way. For treatment consult a healthcare professional.

After enjoying your tea, please help us protect the planet and compost your steeped herbs.