Marigold Pearl Wrap Journal

Marigold Pearl Wrap Journal

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We wanted a journal that looked + felt as special as the words it contained within. A journal that delighted with grandeur and which encouraged words straight from the soul to be etched out. We wished for a journal that we could gift on special birthdays and during life's milestones. What resulted was our Suede Pearl Wrap Journal.

The embossed Pearl Wrap Journal in Marigold Yellow is wrapped with a suede + pearl strap, which can remain as your journal fastener or be worn around your wrist as a stunning bracelet.

Inside, we selected the blank pages of this journal for their fine quality. Designed in Australia, the Journal is embossed with ethereal patterning and the eloquent words of Adèle Basheer, and is encased within a colour-matching box, shimmering with gold foil features.



'Written upon your soul are new adventures ready to begin' - Adèle Basheer 


115 x 180mm (180 pages)


Vegan Leather